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Daiki's jelousy
ghellochii19 wrote in ghellochinen
title: Daiki's jelousy
author: ghellochii19
pairing: DaiChii

#1: when Daiki saw Chinen with Umika...
~Daiki saw Chinen and Umika together as they do the assigned task to them Daiki didn't know the purpose why Chinen is with Umika that's why he got angry to Chinen..

Chinen waited Daiki at the gate of their school when Chinen saw Daiki talking with yamada he called Daiki
saw him but didn't go near him... Chinen asked himself *why Dai-chan is like that??* Then Chinen just walk near Daiki and Yamada... Chinen greeted both of but just Yama-chan who replied... Chiinen asked Daiki
"are you mad at me??" Daiki just snob Chinen's question... When Yamada already left Chinen asked Daiki again if his mad at him Dai-chan already replied with an angry emotion and said "you want me to answer your question? Yes I'm mad at you!!!" Chinen was shocked with Dai-chan's reply and asked him "what have I done to you??" Chinen really don't know why Dai-chan is angry with him... Dai-chan asked him "what's you relation with Umika-chan?
" Chinen answered "nothing were just classmates.. why?" Chinen got curious why Dai-chan asked that to him.. Dai-chan replied without hesitation... "really your just classmates??? why your that close with her... isn't  it you have a on going relation? and your not telling it to me as your boyfriend?" Chinen was shocked once again to the reply of his boyfriend and got the answers to his own questions.. and so to his boyfriend "now I already know why you got mad at me... you want me to explain? or can you please use your mind properly before thinking of anything about me and Umika-chan" Daiki didn't mind what Chinen said he's still jelous with both of them even Chinen answer is the truth... Chinen continue to explain what is the truth.. "ok Dai-chan I'll explain it to you even though you don't want to listen to me!! Were with each other because we were assigned to some task.. ask Yama-chaan and Yuto-kun and you'll see what I mean" Dai-chan still snob what Chinen explained to him and left Chinen alone they both went home by their self.. Chinen went home so sad and  when he arrive home he went straight to his room and lock him self their and started to cry and cry until he's phone rung and answered it.. "hello.. who's this?" he said... "this is Yama-chan ssorry for calling you this late.. I just want to make sure that you're ok " Chinen replied" sorry I'm not fine I want to be alone.. and be not disturbed" Chinen hung the phone and cried again...
The other came and Chinen didn't went to school Dai-chan asked Yuto and Yamada if they know the reason why Chinen is absent... but even Yuto and Yamada didn't know why.. but Yma-chan saidd to Daiki "last night when I called Chinen he told me that he want to be alone and his not fine then he already hung the phone...
Daiki was very worried about his boyfriend, he didn't meant to happen that in their relationship... just because of his jelousy to his boyfriend and Umika's closeness to each other.. After their classes Daiki,Yuto and Yamada went to Chinen's house to see if Chinen is still ok.. when they arrive at Chinen's house after the mother of Chinen open the door they already ask how is Chinen today? and go straight to Chinen's room Chinen's mom gave the key to Daiki for them to open the door.. when they already open the door Yuto saw Chinen that is  really not in the good condition and said.. Dai-chan look at Chinen... Daiki rushed to Chinen and carry him to his bed. they took care of Chinen the whole night... Daiki is very worried about his boyfriend. It was already late in tthe evening when Chinen woke up and Daiki was very happy when he saw Chinen already awake.. He told Chinen that it was his fault why it happens to him and he ask Chinen's forgiveness for what he have done.. Chinen hold Dai-chan's hands and said " it's ok Dai-chan don't  worry anymore I'm already fine" Dai-chan feels fine already when he heard those words from his boyfriends mouth.
the next morning...
Chinen and Daiki's sweetness were back
They were always with each other again
and they toold each other that before
you be mad at me ask first the reason
about those thing :]]]

that's all minna!!
I know my fanfic is not good..

this was just requested by
my friend..
my Twin sister :]
ate Kate hehehe^^
hope you'll like it even this
is not that beautiful fanfic
like the you make...

*sorry if there are so many wrong grammar and wrong spelling
lol!! I'm not that good in speaking in English
but I'm trying to do my best lol!!!

oyasumi minna!!


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